Six Ways To Keep Your Home Warmer

December 5, 2011
Filed under: Uncategorized By Todd Miller

Ventilation is a critical component of making most homes be healthy homes. But, that ventilation needs to be in the attic, not the living space. Here are some ideas recently provided on for making your home less drafty and more energy efficient:

1) Check for leaks around baseboards as well as window and door trims. Seal any leaks you find.

2) Seal up any spaces beneath outside or basement doors by adjusting the sweep if there is one, or adding one.

3) Seal any gaps or cracks that exist in your furnace ducts that run through your basement, crawlspace, or attic.

4) Place weatherstripping around your attic access door, especially if it’s located inside your living area.

5) Seal around, or place covers over, recessed lights that may be leaking heat into your attic.

6) Anyplace pipes or wires enter your living space, make sure the gap is sealed.

We hope these ideas keep you warm and happy this winter!

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