The Passions That Drive Us — Ninth In Our Series

June 8, 2011 | Filed under: Misc. Good News,Uncategorized

We recently asked our team members to share their passions — to put in writing what it is that drives them to come to work each day. The results showed a team made up of individuals who love to serve, both individually and alongside others. These passions are what allow us to consistently meet customer needs. The following is from Kathy Trostel, Customer Support Specialist.

I’ve been in service type positions ever since high school…food service, medical office, consumer relations, and customer support. I thoroughly enjoy the interaction with people. But, overall, I enjoy doing something meaningful for someone else. That’s why I enjoy my current job so much. I can do something as simple as sending out literature or listening to a homeowner on the phone with a nightmare problem and consoling them while we try to figure out where our products will fit for them. It’s all about the bigger picture. When you care for someone else even in the smallest way, good things come back around.