Classic Metal Roofing Introduces New Slate Rock Metal Roofing System

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Slate rockClassic Metal Roofing Systems is pleased to introduce its new Slate Rock metal roofing system. Designed for homeowners who want the classic high-end beauty of slate roofing, Slate Rock utilizes the latest in metal roofing coatings for unsurpassed beauty.

Slate Rock is a system of interlocking aluminum panels with concealed fasteners. Permanently rust-free and wind-resistant, Slate Rock is longer lasting than natural slate roofing, and at a lower price than slate. Additionally, the four-layer coating system utilizes reflective pigments to help homeowners reduce their air conditioning costs.

Revolutionary Slate Rock Metal Roofing System

According to Classic president Todd Miller, “The Slate Rock system is revolutionary by the way it uses the latest in technology to truly capture the sought-after look of slate roofing. This product can be used on high-end homes as well as on smaller homes. With so much of a home’s visible exterior being the roof, Slate Rock will enhance any home.”

Slate Rock is available in four colors, all developed to look like different shades of natural slate. The product carries a non-pro-rated Lifetime Limited Warranty which is transferable as a 40-year warranty for all future owners of the home during the warranty period. The base aluminum is 95% recycled content, allowing homeowners to close the recycling loop. Additionally, slate Rock provides an ideal surface for the installation of solar panels.

The low weight of aluminum roofing allows it to be installed over existing shingles in most cases. The installation process is completed by matching pre-formed trim pieces and flashings that continue the look of a slate roof.

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