Metal Roofing: It’s More Than Just Materials

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We talk a lot here at Classic about the quality materials and processes that we put into manufacturing the best roofs under the sun. Recycled content aluminum alloy, industry-leading PVDF coating technology, reflective pigments … the list goes on. But, from a homeowner perspective, there is a lot more to a successful roof project than… read more

Congratulations American Metal Roofs!

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One of our leading dealers was recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as number 766 on their list of the 5000 fastest growing businesses. That company is American Metal Roofs based in Flint, Michigan. At American, Frank Farmer and his team have developed very exacting systems for selling and installing our residential metal roofing systems. It… read more

A Classic Metal Roof saves on Energy Bills

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Global warming. Knowing your “Carbon footprint.” “Limited natural resources.” Higher fuel costs. Higher energy bills. Global environmental impact trickles down to local and individual environmental impact. That is, the more resources we consume together, the more it costs us individually. It seems like we are at a critical point where we need to focus our… read more

Do it once, Do it right

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I have over 25 years of experience now in the residential metal roofing business. It is hard to believe but it is true. As a result of my experience, many homeowners contact me each week asking me to help them sort out their roofing situations. Many of these cases are very sad stories of folks… read more

Pigments, Resins and Carriers Part III

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Carrier – This is the part of a paint system that you never see! The carrier gives proper fluidity, assists with adhesion to the substrate, and adjusts the speed of evaporation / drying. When the metals used for roofing are painted, the carrier disappears during the heat curing, or “baking,” process. Summary In many cases,… read more

Pigments, Resins and Carriers Part II

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In developing a paint system the appropriate pigments are suspended in a material called a Binder or Resin. Resin binds the pigment particles and forms the smooth and adherent surface that we expect. There are many types of chemistry suitable to prepare paint but only a few can withstand the rigors of roof exposure and… read more