The Passions That Drive Us — Sixth In Our Series

March 1, 2011
Filed under: Misc. Good News By Todd Miller

We recently asked our team members to share their passions — to put in writing what it is that drives them to come to work each day. The results showed a team made up of individuals who love to serve, both individually and alongside others. These passions are what allow us to consistently meet customer needs. The following is from Steve Trego, our Director of Dealer Relationships.

One of my greatest passions is to see people succeed at business and being in a position to help them achieve that success.

I am passionate about working in a growing, nurturing and people-centric business that wants all associates to succeed and grow both professionally and personally.

Being a fair and understanding person and being surrounded by the same is a passion, as I think this is always the right thing to do.

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