Country Manor Shake Ramps Up a Home Remodel

June 28, 2024 | Filed under: Buying a New Roof,Research


A few years ago, Seattle homeowners Matthew and Lenora were faithfully restoring their older Cape Cod. Passed down from a family member, it was a little worse for wear. 

The home originally had a wood shake roof that complemented the distinctive hip-and-valley style. Unfortunately, wooden shakes are a poor match for the rainy Pacific Northwest. They easily facilitate mold growth, shortening the functional life of the roof. 

To make matters worse, the last owner replaced the roof with an ugly patchwork of different shingles. Faced with this nightmare, the homeowners knew they needed a change. 

Their perfect roof would be resistant to organic growth, durable for years to come, beautiful and faithful to the home’s style, and a close visual match to the old wood shake.

These criteria were essential to Matthew and Lenora; they wanted to finish their restoration with the right roof. However, finding a new material with all these characteristics was a tall order.

They found it in Country Manor Shake: an aluminum shingle with a realistic wood-grain pattern. With the strength and durability of metal, Country Manor Shake will protect their home for decades.

After finding their roof of choice, the next step was to find a trustworthy installer. Local contractor Guardian Roofing’s technical expertise and familiarity with Country Manor Shake perfectly fit their needs. 

Beyond looks, Guardian wanted to improve the roof’s functionality. To achieve this, they added more overhang to the roof, bringing it up to code and increasing the overall ventilation. 

Ultimately, though, the project was about more than shingles and underlayment. Lori Swanson from Guardian said, “A complete roof system needs all its parts to function to protect your home.”

Their new roof is durable, beautiful, and distinctive and “couldn’t have turned out better,” said Matthew. You can read more about this beautiful renovation and why Country Manor Shake was the roofing material choice.

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