Classic Metal Roofing Solar Power Solutions

Classic Metal Roofing Solar Power Solutions

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On virtually any structure, nothing has more potential to enhance the total building energy efficiency than the roof. And nothing creates a better surface for energy production than your roof. So, whether it’s saving money, producing energy, or both, if you’re a property owner looking to roof or re-roof your home or building, you can’t ignore your roof’s potential.

Energy Savings from a Classic Metal Roofing System

As a metal roofing manufacturer, we’re proud to say that our products remain energy efficient for decades of dependable service. 

Our metal roofs keep your home cooler and drastically reduce energy bills, especially in the hot summer months. One satisfied customer in Arizona saved nearly 25% on his electricity bill after installing a Classic Metal Roof.

Our reflective coatings reduce radiant heat transfer into the attic. The integral airspace beneath our metal roof systems stops conductive heat transfer from the rooftop. With proper attic ventilation, convective heat flow in the attic carries any heat gained in the attic back outside for a cooler roof and a cooler home.

Saving energy with a cool metal roof and producing it at the same time with solar panels is the best of both worlds. Reducing your energy needs with the right roof can even shrink the solar array required for your home. We can help you match your cool metal roof with a solar power system solution.

Which Classic solar power system is right for you?

The two most common solutions are integrated solar shingles and roof-mounted PV panels, each with unique benefits depending on your situation. We offer several options for durable, long-lasting metal shingles with a Lifetime / 40-year limited warranty. Our heat-reflective Kynar®-coated metal roofing reduces energy bills and offers a significant value when combined with our solar solutions.

Solstice Integrated Solar Shingles

We’re proud to partner with CertainTeed to offer Solstice®, a beautiful and efficient solar shingle solution. The CertainTeed Solstice® Shingle allows homeowners to generate solar energy for their household needs, offsetting energy bills and, in some cases, selling power back to the utility company. This low-profile photovoltaic solar roofing system integrates directly into our high-quality shingles for a unified roofing and solar power solution.

CertainTeed’s Solstice® solar shingles reflect a deep knowledge of interior and exterior building products. With a commitment to quality and value, this impressive product delivers:

  • A beautiful, sleek, uniform appearance attached seamlessly to metal shingles.
  • Simplified design and easy permitting for fast installation.
  • Dependability with the use of patented technology and wind resistance for solar shingles. 
  • Superior performance even under diffused light and shade, boosting overall energy production.

Contact our team today to see how Solstice® can transform your roof.

PV Panel Installation on a Classic Metal Roof

A traditional photovoltaic system is a cost-effective means of solar energy production, and its modular nature enables easier repairs and replacement. While durable and built to last around 20 years, they eventually need to be replaced, allowing you to upgrade to more efficient energy production.

Traditional solar panels can be integrated nicely with our metal roofs. With our clip-fastened standing seam roofs, the panels can be clamped onto the raised seams for minimal roof penetrations. With metal shingles, we’ve developed a set of brackets to maintain a watertight seal.

Our metal roofs are ideal for solar installation. Their durability will withstand roof traffic when the solar array is installed and serviced. 

If you are considering solar panels for your home, keep in mind that experts say most systems have a life expectancy of around 20 years. However, a quality metal roof will easily last twice as long as a solar power system. So, when it’s time to replace the solar power system, you will not need to replace your roof.

Plan for Your Future Energy Needs with Solar Power

We are committed to offering our customers leading-edge solutions for producing solar energy from their roofs.

We’d love to discuss your solar power and roofing dreams for your home and figure out how to make them a reality. Our expert team can answer your questions on energy efficiency, solar energy production on a metal roof, and more. Contact us today!

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