10 Metal Roofing Questions Answered

October 27, 2023 | Filed under: Buying a New Roof,Consumer Education,Homeowner Tips,Newsletter Articles,Research


Crunchy leaves, and cooler temperatures can slow things down in the fall season and give us time to think about nestling down our homes for the winter.  

No matter where you live, fall is a great time to re-roof. As you think about protecting your home for the winter, you might have questions about metal roofing. So we’ll start with these 10.

1. Are there different styles of metal roofing?

Yes. Metal roofs commonly fall into one of two forms:

  • Vertical Seam: long panels with a smooth surface or a texture applied. 
  • Modular shingles:  often resembling other roofing materials with smaller panels interlocked or overlapped. 

Each category has many designs and differences to choose from.

2. Can we DIY metal roofing?

Both standing seam and modular shingles can be installed by homeowners. We often consult with DIY homeowners to help determine which roofing style will be easiest to install, guidance, and support.  If you’re considering DIY, please email us some information on your project. We may be able to prevent some headaches!

3. Can metal roofing be used for siding?

Some of our metal roofing projects function well as siding. Some profiles work better than others, and installing roofing as a wall covering will require different weatherproofing to maintain code. We recommend that you consult us before considering it for our opinion on application, techniques, and tools. 

4. Can metal roofing be reused?

Metal roofing is a durable, long-lasting solution that is often recyclable after it reaches the end of its life. While we don’t recommend using it in a roofing capacity, it might work in another application if the coating has failed or rust has set in.

5. What kind of underlayment does metal roofing use?

We recommend RoofAquaGuard, a synthetic underlayment specially designed for it. As metal roofs experience high temperatures, synthetic underlayment can withstand the heat—also, the lightweight nature of synthetic pairs well with metal roofing’s minimal weight. 

6. Who repairs metal roofing, and how do they do it?

Your first step should be contacting the company that installed your metal roof. They can repair any missing or damaged panels or replace any detached fasteners. If that contractor isn’t available, consult the manufacturer for their suggested contractor.

Our nationwide network of professional metal roofing contractors are experts at metal roofing repair. We can quickly put you in touch with quality service. Just ask.

7. Will metal roofing rust?

Not all metal roofing is steel, and roofs made from copper, aluminum, or zinc will not rust. Copper can weather over time, developing a patina. Improperly manufactured and installed steel roofs are susceptible to the damaging effects of rust and wear, especially if you live near a coast with salt water. 

8. Is a metal roof practical near saltwater?

While steel roofing is susceptible to rust and corrosion from saltwater, our aluminum roofing provides excellent performance and is impervious to rust. 

9. Will a metal roof fade?

Metal roofing commonly uses one of several coatings, like silicone-modified polyester (SMP) or polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). Depending on its chemical makeup and exposure to weather and the sun’s damaging rays, every coating and paint will age differently. Many roofs will fade, but only after decades of color retention. Learn why we use the highest quality finishes.

10. Where can I read metal roofing reviews?

Of course, this will depend on why you are reading reviews in the first place, but if you want to vet a contractor, check out their Google reviews and any reviews or testimonials on their site. To dig deeper, check out third-party sites like Angi’s (formerly Angie’s List), GuildQuality, or BBB.

 For a collection of metal roofing reviews from homeowners just like you, visit metal-roofing.reviews

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