Roofing for Assisted Living Facilities

Classic Metal Roofing for Assisted Living Facilities

Protection and safety, financial incentives, beautiful and warranted. These benefits come to the top of the list for the use of our Classic Metal Roofing Systems on assisted living facilities. One building, or twenty, new build or renovation, a choice for the long-term performance and service of quality metal roofing brings lasting value to assisted living organizations.

Financial Incentives

  • Time and Money Saved.
    A long-term, maintenance-free solution, a Classic Metal Roof will save you time and money otherwise spent on maintaining and replacing other roofing systems.
  • Beauty.
    Your potential and current residents will see and appreciate the significant upgrade a Classic Metal Roof will bring to your facilities. With shake, slate, shingle, and vertical styles to choose from, any Building receives lasting beauty and enhancement. Especially in this market segment, curb appeal is extremely important. We understand that the impressions of a first time visitor, or visiting family will relate to the perceived level of care and attention to detail of what goes on inside. Make sure that your facility reflects your organizations’ commitment to quality.
  • Energy Savings.
    Aluminum’s natural reflectivity combines with special pigments and built-in thermal breaks to decrease your energy bills by up to 20%—again conserving your organization’s valuable resources.

Increased Protection For Your Residents and Facilities

With over 30 years of industry-leading experience manufacturing metal roofing systems that have made financial sense for thousands of owners of single-family homes and commercial properties, we are pleased to bring metal roofing to assisted living and long-term care facilities.

No matter the size or number of assisted living facilities you plan to renovate, improve,  build, or simply replace the roof on, we can help. Our knowledgeable and caring team members are available to talk with you, provide more information, and help you continue caring for others.

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