GrandeTile - Clay Barrel Tile Roofing in a Durable Lightweight Metal

Classic Metal Roofing Systems


  • GrandeTile in Mission Clay
  • GrandeTile in Regal White
  • GrandeTile Metal Roof
  • Beautiful
    • Elegant Barrel Tile Look
    • Available in a variety of Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® PVDF resin-based finishes
    • Available in either Smooth or Pebble Embossed finish to match your preferred style
    • Optional ThermoBond coating features a blend of colors as well as distinctive and inviting texture to make GrandeTile look naturally weathered, further enhancing its beauty.
  • Strong
    • Passed UL 580 uplift testing, simulating wind speeds of over 200 mph
    • One of the most proven residential roofing products available
    • Will not burn -- protects against flying embers from wildfires or chimneys
    • Panels lock together rather than overlap like many metal systems
  • Durable
    • Wind & weather resistant
    • Made from industrial –grade .032” thick aluminum
    • GrandeTile includes a patented drain channel. Hidden in the overlap between neighboring panels, the drain channel provides added protection in the event of the fiercest wind driven rain and snow storms. This redundant protection ensures the weathertightness and long life of your roof.
    • Non-prorated lifetime/limited 40 year transferable warranty, includes fade and chalk coverage
  • Environmentally Smart
    • Made from quality, up to 99% recycled aluminum, the majority of which is post-consumer.
    • GrandeTile is 100% recyclable

Few roofs evoke such emotion as clay barrel tile roofs

Whether the setting is historic, contemporary, or ancient – Mediterranean, Tropic, Desert, or even Savannah, tile roofs provide distinction to highlight buildings and provide memorable charm. GrandeTile provides this look along with the proven and popular benefits of metal roofing.

GrandeTile is Energy Efficient

GrandeTile’s industry-leading PVDF coating technology includes reflective pigments for energy efficiency. Our proprietary hI-R coating reflects radiant heat, keeping buildings naturally cooler. Homeowners report energy savings up to 20% and more, thanks to reduced air conditioning loads. GrandeTile’s unique design also includes an integral air gap as a thermal break, further helping to prevent warm weather heat transfer into your home and attic.

The Grandeur of Tile… without the weight

Tile roofing can weigh as much as 2000 pounds per 100 square feet. Even “low weight” tiles far exceed 500 pounds. Fiberglass shingles weigh from 274 to 450 pounds. This weight places strain on your home and poses significant cave-in threat in the event of an interior fire. GrandeTile weighs less than 75 pounds per square! 

Grande Warranties

Beautiful as they may have once been, traditional clay and barrel tile roofs crack, and can disintegrate. When that happens, repair is expensive and partial replacement  can be even more costly. Durable, secure, and lightweight aluminum roofing maintains its strength, stays beautiful and increases curb appeal. Our GrandeTile warranty, like all of our product warranties, ensures that your roof will last a lifetime, and be free of defect. 

At Classic, we know that today’s homeowners want to make their homes reflect their personal sense of style. They are also thinking about the long-term for their homes, looking for building materials that will last, add value, and save energy. GrandeTile does all of these things.

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Kynar 500® is a registered trademark belonging to Arkema Inc.
Hylar 5000® is a registered trademark belonging to Solvay