ClickLock Standing Seam

  • Beautiful

    • Available in many fade-resistant colors
    • Concealed fasteners for a clean and tailored look
    • Tall 1-3/4” seams for added distinction
    • Maintenance free: will not rust, crack, or rot
    • Resists streaking and staining
    • Never needs cleaning
  • Strong

    • Will not burn and protects against flying embers from wildfires or chimneys
    • Positive “snap lock” connection between panels
  • Durable

    • Sheds ice and snow through heat reflected from the sun
    • Will not absorb water and become waterlogged
    • Will not rot or support insect infestation
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Environmentally Smart

    • Reflective Pigment coatings keep attics naturally cooler, cutting energy costs
    • Made from 95% post-consumer recycled aluminum
    • Can usually be installed over existing roofs, reducing demand on landfills

Traditional Standing Seam From A Specialty Roofing Manufacturer

When most homeowners begin thinking about a metal roof, all they can envision are the roofs they have seen on barns and commercial buildings. Those types of metal roofs typically have panels that run vertically up the roof. These types of metal panel roofs are called “Standing Seam” because their prominent visual feature is the raised interlocking seam which joins one panel to the next. Often called “commercial roofing,” or “agricultural panel roofing,” or even “barn roofing,” these products do provide the great protection and durability for which metal is known. Classic’s ClickLock Standing Seam provides the look of the products that you see everywhere on restaurants and farm outbuildings.

ClickLock has been engineered in narrow 12” panels for a clean, contemporary look that is architecturally scaled for the scale of any home rather than for the larger scale of a barn or shopping center. Manufactured from heavy-duty, rust-free aluminum, ClickLock stands apart from most standing seam panels that are steel. Additionally, in comparison to most agricultural panels, ClickLock has all concealed fasteners, eliminating failure-prone rubber washers beneath exposed screw heads.

For homeowners who want a metal roof with a traditional appearance, ClickLock is designed to be the best. The stainless fastening clips and screws ensure secure and lasting attachment with no chance for problems resulting from expansion and contraction. The trims used to complete a ClickLock roof have also been carefully designed for beauty and durability.

A Top-Of-The-Line Standing Seam Roof For Your Home

One thing to consider when looking for a standing seam roof is how it will be produced. Portable roll-formers make standing seam roofing easy to produce and many contractors use these field-formed systems. Unfortunately, easy does not mean better as the quality and exactness of the machinery can be compromised when moved from site to site. Additionally, unknowing contractors can use low-quality, cheap metal never intended for residential applications.

ClickLock, on the other hand, is produced with precise tolerances under controlled conditions in our main 120,000 square foot factory in Ohio. Using only the best first-run aluminum and quality Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® PVDF resin-based finishes, it is Certified 'Premium' under the Metal Construction Association Certified Roofing Panels program. ClickLock is truly top-of-the-line standing seam roofing for your home.

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Roofing Underlayments and other materials can be a very important part of building performance. Classic Metal Roofing Systems is a product distributor of the RoofAquaGuard family of high performance underlayments and other materials.


This product is Certified Premium under the Metal Construction Association Certified Roofing Panels program ClickLock is Certified 'Premium' under the Metal Construction Association Certified Roofing Panels program

Not Sure Standing Seam Is The Look You Want?

At Classic Metal Roofing Systems, we hear from thousands of homeowners each year who want the durability and added value that a metal roof provides but they don’t want their home’s roof to look like one on a barn or shopping center. We understand their feelings completely. That’s why, even though we produce the best standing seam available with ClickLock, our real passion lies with metal roofing products that have unique and special beauty to complement any home design. This is why we have engineered products like Rustic Shingle, Country Manor Shake, and Oxford Shingle. These products provide all the benefits of metal roofing but with the beauty of traditional residential roofing products like dimensional shingles, slate, and wood shakes.

Homeowners Associations and Architectural Review Boards love our shingle, slate, and shake products. They want to allow their residents to enjoy the added property value that a metal roof provides, but they don’t want to diminish the aesthetics of their communities with roof styles more commonly seen in agricultural and commercial applications. And, once they find out that the cost of beautiful products like Rustic Shingle or Oxford Shingle and Country Manor Shake is actually often less than that of a quality standing seam, their excitement only grows.

Whether you want a traditional metal roof look (which can work great especially in a rural setting!) or a look that fits well with the other homes in your neighborhood, Classic Metal Roofing Systems has you covered with the best that’s available in today’s metal roofing industry.