Metal Roofs…Centuries Old, yet Forever New…

We’ve been a leading manufacturer of residential metal roofs since 1980. Proudly made in America using 95% recycled aluminum, our shingles, shakes, tile, and standing seam roofing products beautify and protect fine homes, churches, and other buildings throughout the United States, Canada, and around the world. Our trained and experienced dealers, along with our own Customer Support team, are always available to meet your needs with a focus on increasing your home’s value and protection, and making your home the worry-free and comfortable investment it should be.

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We’re here to help you whether you are just beginning to look at metal roofing, or have chosen a profile and are ready to choose a roofing contractor. Use our About Metal Roofing section to help understand the benefits, energy savings, and the longevity of using metal on your roof. You’ll even find a handy list of metal roofing pros and cons. Use our free downloadable Roofing Guide for Homeowners to help gain the knowledge and tools you’ll need to pick the right product and hire the right person to install your home’s roof. If you have questions, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us to ask questions, or review our FAQ’s page for answers to many commonly asked questions regarding metal roofs.