Roof Styles


You have a choice of roof styles and colors. Find the sustainable Classic Metal Roof that will compliment your home’s architecture while protecting it for a lifetime. Don’t settle for less than beautiful, sustainable, and durable roofing that adds value to your investment.

  • The look of wood shakes...

    Country Manor Shake

    country manor shake

    Country Manor Shake provides the charm of wood shake roofing without the problems of ongoing maintenance and eventual tear-off and replacement. While a beautiful roof style on the outside, Country Manor Shake’s real beauty lies beneath the surface. Its aluminum substrate, advanced Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 coating, interlocking panels, and concealed fastening give it the strength to withstand the test of time through even the most severe weather. And, protected by a Lifetime Limited Warranty, Country Manor Shake always looks like new.

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  • Rustic Shingle

    rustic shingle

    Rustic Shingle is an investment-grade metal roofing system that provides beauty, protection, and increased value. The rugged texture and deep realistic wood grain pattern provides the lasting distinction of wood shakes. However, unlike real wood, Rustic Shingle will never split, warp, mold, or rot. The 12” x 24” fully interlocking panels hold tight in even the most severe winds while the product’s low weight encourages installation over existing shingles.

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  • The look of clay tile (barrel tile)...



    Few roofs evoke such emotion as barrel tile roofs. A classic roof style, GrandeTile provides a distinctive look along with the proven benefits of metal roofing. GrandTile is available in a variety of both Mediterranean and Traditional Kynar®/Hylar® color choices, in either a smooth or pebble embossed finish to match your preferred style. GrandeTile is also protected by Classic's Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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  • The look of architectural shingles / slate...

    Slate Rock Oxford

    oxford slate rock

    The Slate Rock Oxford Shingle is a unique product that combines the proven design and integrity of Oxford Shingle with the colors and texture of fine slate roofing. Never before has a metal roofing product offered homeowners a slate product with such refined beauty and realistic coloring. Our proprietary four-layer PVDF coating from Valspar is applied in a unique print process that enhances Oxford Shingle’s three-dimensional detail. This provides the stately beauty that provides a high-end, classic look for any home style.

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  • Oxford Shingle

    oxford shingle

    Oxford Shingle has the popular look of architectural shingles, but with long-lasting beauty and efficiency unmatched by fiberglass shingles. Owners of homes ranging in style from historic Victorian and Colonial to Cape Cod and Contemporary choose Oxford Shingle for its crisp, clean lines and symmetry. Oxford Shingle blends with any architectural style and in any neighborhood. While conducive to shedding winter snowloads, the low profile panels feature a heat-reflective coating that keeps homes cooler in summer and reduces air conditioning expense.

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  • The traditional look of Standing Seam...

    Clicklock Premium Standing Seam

    clicklock standing seam

    For property owners who want a traditional metal roof style, ClickLock is the answer. The 12” wide standing seam panels are sized for residential applications whereas many other standing seam systems feature larger panels more suitable for commercial buildings. ClickLock is produced from permanently rust-free aluminum available in a variety of Kynar 500 and Hylar 5000 colors. All fasteners are concealed for a lasting watertight application and hidden clips allow for the metal’s natural expansion and contraction without forcing ripples into the panels.

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  • Universal Standing Seam

    Universal Standing Seam was specifically designed for customers who want the best possible combination of price and value for their homes. Produced from high quality US-made G90 galvanized steel that is .022” thick, Universal Standing Seam provides a maintenance-free roof system that will add home value and beauty.

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