Finding the Right Roof

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Re-roofing can be a painful process, but it doesn’t have to be. Our goal is to make it a little easier for you, and the first step on your journey to a worry-free roofing future is to set your criteria. The metrics you use to choose a good roof might be simple: cost, ease of installation, and how fast you can get it done and move on with your life. 

This approach works fine, but only if those criteria are all that matter to you. If metrics like durability, protection against severe weather, sustainability, and beauty matter, opening up your options will greatly benefit you. 

You do have options.

Roofing comes in many forms, but all fall into a few broad categories based on material. Today, most residential roofs are asphalt roofs- the cheapest, quickest, easiest to install roofing option. Some are tile or slate- durable, harder to install, and expensive. Yet another popular option is metal- energy-efficient, lightweight, and beautiful. Again, depending on your criteria, one of these may fit your home and your needs best.

Before choosing a roof, see what’s out there – and don’t settle. 

A roof is a major purchase and plays an important role in keeping your home, family, and possessions protected. Buying a roof that fulfills all the criteria you care about can have a big impact on your home’s curb appeal, value, and energy efficiency. You have an opportunity with a new roof, so think about your wants and needs, then do your research and come with questions when you meet with a contractor. The more active a role you take in finding your next roof, the better.

We spoke with Jason, a homeowner, about his roof. Jason wanted a new roof for his gorgeous home but had a few criteria he wanted to meet before choosing one. He was renovating his house and decided to replace the roof as part of the process.

  1. Algae had stained his asphalt roof. Your roof makes up 40% of the exterior of your home, so a beautiful roof is necessary for a beautiful home. Jason wanted something better for his home, and asphalt wasn’t cutting it.
  2. Jason wanted a roof that could provide unique curb appeal to his already beautiful home. Metal roofing provided the look of wood shake with the durability of metal, all in a custom color chosen by Jason. 
  3. The quality of the installation was a big factor in Jason’s new roof decision. Since this would be a long-term decision, he wanted only the best installer to work on his roof.

After defining these criteria, Jason did extensive research. He found the team at Classic Metal Roofing Systems. Classic met all of his criteria and delivered a roof that went above and beyond. 

For more on Jason’s journey to find the right roof, watch the videos and read the case study here.

Need help defining the criteria for your right roof? 

Making your list can be challenging. We’ve developed an easy-to-use tool to help. Before you have a roofing contractor come to your home, use this tool to help identify what grade of roofing and what types of materials could be best for your unique home and situation.

  • It’s FREE.
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  • The quick response is unique to your home and situation, and it’s private.
  • Did we mention it’s FREE?
  • Try it! What’s the Right Roof for You?

Jason found success because he defined his criteria and then researched products and installers to deliver his ideal roof. After narrowing down his options, he chose the best one and was ultimately happy with the results. 

We want you to be happy with your next roof. Our team of seasoned metal roofing professionals is here to assist, determined to help you find the very best roofing solution for your unique situation and home, even if it isn’t one of ours. 

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