7 Points to Look for in a Metal Roofing Supplier

December 22, 2023 | Filed under: Buying a New Roof,Consumer Education,Newsletter Articles


Finding and choosing the right metal roofing supplier is no easy task, with dozens of options, products, materials, and styles. If you plan on searching for a new roof, please consider these criteria as you decide.

  1. Types and Styles of Metal Roofing

The biggest distinction is between vertical seam metal roofing (standing seam) and modular metal shingles. Between the vertical seam products, there are several different varieties depending on how the panels are fastened down. As for modular shingles, the coating or paint makes the difference. 

  1. Location

Vertical seam roof panels are usually made in custom lengths, and shipping these over long distances can be costly. More expensive panels are typically shipped, while lower-grade panels are often made on-site. However, modular metal shingles are much cheaper and easier to ship across the country and overseas.

  1. Experience

Your metal roofing manufacturer will provide the product warranty for your roof, so search for one with a proven history and the ability to support any warranty claims. Experienced suppliers have also learned the best way to install and manufacture their roofing systems- they’ve already worked out the kinks.

  1. Raw Materials

Confirm the quality and grade of metals and coatings used by the manufacturers and suppliers you are considering. To lower costs, many manufacturers use cheaper, foreign metals for their roofing systems. If buying a roof made in the USA is important to you, there are providers out there. 

  1. Pre-Formed Accessories

Most quality metal roofing manufacturers and suppliers offer pre-formed accessories made from the same raw material as the roofing and with the same warranty. The alternative is accessories made on-site by your contractor.

  1. Service and Delivery

Test each metal roofing supplier’s responsiveness. Visit their website, email them, or complete a response form and ask them some technical questions. See how long it takes for them to respond with personal answers. If they don’t respond promptly to a prospective customer, imagine how they treat existing customers.

  1. Warranty

You should receive two written warranties once your metal roof is installed. One is a Product Warranty covering the integrity and performance of the product, and the other is a Workmanship Warranty. The Product Warranty will come from the metal roofing manufacturer or supplier, and the Workmanship Warranty will come from the contractor.

Many metal roofing manufacturers produce metal roofing for agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications with a warranty period of 20 – 35 years. Companies specializing in residential roofing materials will provide longer-term warranties of around 40 years or more.

Things to consider carefully as you look at Product Warranties are:

  • Will the coverage or payout decrease the longer the roof has been installed? 
  • Does the warranty cover specific types of product failures, or does it rely on a blanket statement like “manufacturer’s defects?” A statement like this is open to interpretation. Instead, look for product warranties with specific coverage for coating performance and panel integrity.
  • Is the warranty transferable to future owners of your home? A warranty with limited transferability may indicate a lack of complete confidence in their product.

We hope this list guides you to the right metal roofing supplier for you and your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.