Mansard roofs present problems

We’ve mastered the art of mansard roofing by overcoming the challenges this roof type presents with metal roofing solutions that last a lifetime.

residential mansard roof


A mansard roof can be a pleasing focal point or a design dilemma for your home. The challenge to make your home aesthetically pleasing and, at the same time, protecting it from the elements for a lifetime of comfort and safety is real.

  • Colors and finishes match up to any architectural style for terrific curb appeal
  • Defy gravity with our lightweight aluminum roofing that’s also wind and water-resistant
  • Fire-resistant roofing for protection and preservation
  • Increase property value

Don’t start with a cheap, shoddy, short-term solution. Put our mastery of mansards to work on your home, from the very beginning.

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multi-family mansard roof


The prolific building of multi-family units with mansard roofs through the 1960s and ’70s resulted in thousands of communities and apartment homes to many with now 50-year-old challenges.

We have a mansard roofing solution that meets a budget, requires minimal maintenance, lasts for the next 50 years, and increases property value.

  • Increases curb appeal and property values
  • Decreases maintenance of the roof, windows, doors, and more
  • Fire-resistant solutions for protection and peace of mind

As a real estate investor, management company, or apartment property maintenance professional, you know  that managing even routine maintenance is difficult. Dealing now with maintenance issues related to your mansard roof offers protection of your residents and investment.

Don’t start with a short-term solution. Put our mastery of mansards to work on your multi-family project, from the very beginning.

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Mansard Roof with Metal Standing Seam

Problems solved. Happy owners and happy residents.

Here’s a case study on a Classic Mansard.

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church with mansard roof


You’ll see them every city, beautiful places of worship with mansard roofs. And they are usually quite large.

Roofing of any important community building is a challenge with the architectural style popular in the mid-century, offering up additional problems for churches. When it’s time to replace the mansard roof on a church or synagogue, congregations and their contractors face special needs:

  • Low weight for the protection of the structure.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and complimentary of the architecture.
  • Low maintenance and energy efficiency to keep on-going costs down.
  • Durable enough to last for the long-term.

And the list goes on for these public structures and all they contain.

Put your precious resources to work for your community’s good instead of spending them on maintenance and ongoing replacement. Our masters of mansards offer research tools, advice, and a permanent roofing solution that address your specific needs.

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Mansard Roof on Church

Restored and Protected. Now Durable and Beautiful.

Here’s a case study on a Mansard Update.

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commercial mansard roof


Keeping commercial properties with mansard roofing details looking fresh and contemporary is difficult. Finding roofing with durability, easy installation, and quality protection, all within a project budget, doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Our products offer full metal solutions or enhance sub-structures already in place for low maintenance and high style.

  • Increases curb appeal encouraging commercial traffic
  • Decreases maintenance and callbacks
  • Fire-resistant and lightweight for safety and protection

Put our mastery of mansards to work on your project from the very beginning.

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