ALUMinating Evidence

August 16, 2007 | Filed under: Miscellanous Articles,Uncategorized

Energy efficient, durable and beautiful, Classic Metal Roofing Systems proves why aluminum roofing tops the market

PIQUA, OHIO — For many families, the home is the single largest investment. From choosing the appropriate exterior materials and landscaping scheme to the complete interior design process, every detail is planned and executed with the utmost care. Yet, the roof — among the most visible and protective portions of the home — remains the number one most overlooked element. Classic Metal Roofing Systems, industry leaders in residential and commercial metal roofing, proves it should be the most important finishing touch with an extensive product line of aluminum roofing that will last a lifetime.

Aluminum roofing adds value and beauty to the property with extreme durability, energy-efficiency, ease-of-maintenance and aesthetics that compliment virtually all home and building exteriors. Backed by a lifetime warranty, Classic Metal Roofing ensures long-term protection and security that significantly increase the value of the home. Its long life-cycle means it is one of the most dependable and cost-effective roofing options available on the market today. In short, it is the last roof a home will ever need.

Grade A: Aluminum’s durability and beauty surpasses steel.

With enhanced beauty and protection, homes featuring aluminum roofing are fast becoming “showcase homes.” Classic Metal Roofing Systems’ products are constructed from the highest quality aluminum. While many roofing materials are extremely heavy – often the equivalent combined weight of several large trucks – aluminum provides a lightweight, weather resistant alternative that protects against structural damage, offers superior fire protection,resists impact, won’t crack, stain or curl, and can often be installed over existing roofing, saving both time and costly removal fees.

Aluminum’s lightweight, malleable properties afford several aesthetic possibilities. From the timeless elegance of architectural shingles to sleekly modern metal panels, aluminum represents the most versatile roofing option available today. Whereas steel will begin to deteriorate due to forming ferric oxide, or rust, when exposed to oxygen, aluminum will not rust or lose its strength or beauty over time, and can easily withstand heavy rain, wind and hail.

Sustainable style: Aluminum’s environmental benefits save money and resources

From an environmental standpoint, aluminum roofing is a wise choice. The alloy used in most aluminum roof systems is 95 percent post-consumer recycled content, ranking significantly higher than steel’s average industry measurement of 35 percent. With its long-life durability, aluminum is a highly sustainable material that will not require replacement in the future.

Classic Metal Roofing Systems employs aluminum and color coatings that are highly reflective of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. While other roofing materials trap and retain heat, aluminum roofing reflects it, keeping homes cooler. This translates into significant savings on energy costs – approximately 20 percent.

Additionally, aluminum’s low weight allows for easy installation over existing roofing, reducing expensive removal costs as well as landfill waste. The ability to install over existing roofing increases the structure’s thermal mass and energy efficiency. This efficiency lessens the need for air conditioning and reduces the pollution from the production of the electricity.