Amazing Diversity

October 7, 2007 | Filed under: Miscellanous Articles,Uncategorized

I just returned from the annual MetalCon Show. This is the big trade show for metal roofing.

Once again, I walked away from MetalCon just so very impressed by the amazing diversity represented by our industry. There are so many product types and profiles, metals, coatings, and other variables. A homeowner really can select the roof that is perfect based upon their very specific desires and needs.

One thing that is really hitting big right now is the variety of multi-hued finishes. Metal roofing no longer has to be monochromatic. There are so many beautiful choices to enhance the product you like!

Of course, all of these choices involve different prices, sometimes related specifically to quality but other times related to more intangible benefits such as color.

We at Classic are here to walk you through the gauntlet of product selection put down by our industry. Download our Homeowners Guide to Roofing as a great starting point for understanding what all is available.

And of course, you can call or email us anytime. I personally can be reached at 1-800-543-8938 ext 201 or

We want your next roof to be metal … but even more so, we want it to be the right metal roof for your home and for you personally.

Call us! We will help.