Anodized Aluminum Roofing = Innovation

April 27, 2024 | Filed under: Buying a New Roof,Classic Finishes,Environmentally Friendly,Metal Shingles,Research,Standing Seam

Oxford Anodized Aluminum Shingle Classic Metal Roofing Systems

At Classic Metal Roofing, we’re proud to be at the forefront of metal roofing. We were one of the first to use heat-reflective coatings on our products, saving you money on energy bills. We also pioneered a custom coating system, allowing a nearly unlimited color palette to fit your project and style.

The next innovation: anodized aluminum finishes

Anodized aluminum is already used in many applications and industries, from computing to aerospace. By chemically changing the aluminum’s outer layer, anodizing creates a robust, lasting coating that withstands time and weather. Anodized aluminum has been proven in extreme and mundane circumstances, from outer space to consumer electronics.

We’re proud to work with Lorin Industries, a premier batch and coil aluminum anodizer in North America. Lorin makes anodized aluminum in a variety of colors and styles for construction and architectural applications. Together with Lorin, we’ve created the first widely available anodized aluminum roofing for homeowners.

Oxford Shingle and ClickLock Standing Seam

The new anodized aluminum Oxford Shingle has the existing benefits of a durable, energy-efficient metal roof, now available in beautiful metallic anodized colors. The initial release will have three beautiful colors, but one benefit of this special finish is the ability to create dozens of different hues.

Anodized Oxford Shingle has a sleek, modern look with hidden fasteners and a timeless finish. The four-way interlocking design stands up to harsh weather, and each lightweight panel is made from 100% recyclable metal.

Our Clicklock Standing Seam is also available in the new anodized finish, bringing scratch-resistant performance to a premium roofing solution. Just like Oxford, Clicklock boasts a concealed fastener system, reducing potential failure points from water and wind.

We’re excited to bring this innovation to the residential metal roofing market. We hope it proves to be a robust solution for homeowners, property managers, and more.

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