What are you searching? Six more answers to metal roofing questions.

September 20, 2020 | Filed under: Consumer Education,Newsletter Articles,Research

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We’re back with answers to questions you search on Google about metal roofing. In our last post, we covered five questions you have. Here we answer six more metal roofing questions that homeowners commonly Google.

We love helping homeowners learn about roofing by sharing our knowledge and combined 250+ years of experience in the metal roofing industry. While Google can provide short answers to these questions, here are our brief yet detailed responses.

Will metal roofing rust?

Aluminum roofing will never rust, but steel roofing can. Aluminum is effective in coastal areas where steel would rust quickly. With steel roofs, rust is most likely to occur on exposed edges and scratches made during fabrication or installation. Bends in the metal that are too tight can also lead to rust. Rust is best prevented using a steel alloy with high zinc content for its corrosion-resistant metallic coating and quality installation, including touching up any scratches.

Do metal roofs mess with cell phone reception?

No, in our experience, little to no interference occurs. We have encountered a few situations where weak reception declined because of a metal roof. In these cases, we recommend using a signal booster to counteract the poor reception. You probably use your cell phone in buildings with metal roofs every day without realizing it. Many stores and businesses have metal roofs and don’t cause any loss in reception.

Do metal roofs fade?

Some metal roofs do fade, usually after years of wear. Superior metal roofs are coated with the industry’s premier coating type, PVDF, to fight fading and chalking. PVDF coatings like Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® provide an excellent fade resistance, keeping your roof beautiful for years. As long as you choose the right coating, your roof won’t fade.

Can you walk on a metal roof?

You can walk on a metal roof depending on pitch and weather conditions. If your roof has a steep pitch or it’s raining or snowing outside, don’t walk on your roof. However, if your roof is an average pitch, you should be fine to climb up and walk around. Many homeowners walk on their roofs for maintenance, cleaning, or other tasks. Please ask your roofing manufacturer for any product-specific instructions they may have.

Can I install my own metal roof?

A crew of trained professionals familiar with the right tools typically installs metal roofing. However, some metal roofing is DIY-friendly, so dedicated homeowners can learn how to install their roof and save a lot of money. To succeed with DIY installation, learn the best practices for installation straight from the manufacturer.

Are metal roofs loud when it rains?

A metal roof is not loud when it rains, a common misconception that fools many people when they consider purchasing metal roofing. With today’s insulation, most rain noise is dissipated before reaching the inside of the house. Most are surprised by the lack of noise from our experience with customers, and some even wish metal roofs made more noise!

We hope these answers shed some light on metal roofing for you. For more answers to common homeowner questions, check out Metal Roofing 101.

Every home and situation is different, so please don’t hesitate to ask your questions directly by sending an email or calling us at 1-800-543-8938. We promise a caring and timely response, without obligation or pressure.