What You Should Know About Labor and the Cost of Home Improvements

February 21, 2019 | Filed under: Buying a New Roof,Financial Impact of Metal Roofing,Newsletter Articles,Research

Labor Cost of Home Improvements Classic Metal Roofing Systems

Here is some inside information that can save you money, protect the investment you’ve made in your home, and provide sustainable, long-lasting home improvements.

We’ve talked to thousands of homeowners and roofing contractors over the last 40 years. These days, our conversations with contractors almost always include the subject of labor for quality roofing installations. What is the financial impact of the labor shortage on our business, and the homeowners we serve?

How Do Labor Shortages Affect Your Home Improvement Projects?

Here’s a short article that explains the current national labor “skilled trades” situation and provides details on how that affects roofing and other home improvement product choices.


Conclusion: sustainable practices and products as you remodel or build your home is the only way you can control future home maintenance costs.

The long-term effects of today’s labor shortage on home maintenance costs are significant. What can you do about in the short-term? Two words: book now.

Your home quality home improvement contractor’s schedule is already filling up, and they will want to ensure the availability of the workers needed for a quality installation. I’m guessing that’s something you would be interested in, too.

If buying a roof is on your list of home improvements this year, learn about:

  1. Controlling your future home maintenance costs
  2. Paying for quality installation once for a lifetime of sustainable roofing

Read the article and then invite us into your research. We have a nationwide network of independent dealers and quality contractors, with trained, professional installation crews who are presently scheduling.