Is A Classic Metal Roof Right For Your Church?

September 26, 2010 | Filed under: Miscellanous Articles,Uncategorized

Classic Metal Roofs beautify and protect hundreds if not thousands of churches across the United States and Canada. Our durable metal roofs are chosen on the basis of their durability, beauty, low weight, fire safety, energy efficiency and other benefits.

According to Classic president Todd Miller, “We feel very privileged when we have the opportunity to have one of our roofs installed on a church. It makes good financial sense for churches to use lifetime roofing products, ours or competing products, to get themselves out of the roofing business. Instead of spending money to re-roof their facilities every 15 years or so, they can retain those dollars and use them for expanded ministry.”

“We believe that stronger and more actively mission-oriented churches not only grow God’s Kingdom but they also lead to stronger communities and a stronger world,” says Todd. “It is really a celebration for us whenever we see a metal roof on a church.”

Classic is always looking for unique ways to work with churches and help them purchase metal roofs. That can include helping them find the best metal roof for their building or helping them make the purchase as cost effectively as possible. One recent church installation for a Classic Metal Roof was Trinity Wesleyan Church in Lima, OH which purchased second-quality product from Classic at a reduced price and then had a crew of church members do the installation. “Due to our quality procedures, we do not generate a lot of seconds but sometimes we generate a few and, if a church does not have a real large roof, that can be a great way to help them get a metal roof at a reduced price.”

One unique benefit of metal roofing for churches is its low weight. With many churches being older structures, low weight roofing can help to preserve the building’s structural integrity and protect the occupants of the church as well.