Is metal roofing right for my home?

February 15, 2013 | Filed under: Homeowner Tips,Newsletter Articles,Uncategorized

It seems like many homeowners are well aware of the longevity, energy efficiency, and other benefits of metal but, for various reasons, they still wonder whether metal roofing is right for their home. The answer is often that a metal roof will indeed work very well on their home but, fact is, every situation is different. And that is why, at Classic Metal Roofing Systems, we devote a great deal of time to providing solid, reliable information and answering questions on a personal level.

If you’re wondering whether metal roofing might be right for your home, we invite you to consider the following:

  1. Aesthetics. There are still many misunderstandings about metal roofing which can cause some people to question it for residential use. This often results from a lack of understanding that today’s residential metal roofs do not look agricultural, industrial, or commercial.
  2. Colors. Metal roofs are now available in many earth-tone colors and even multi-hued colors to avoid a monochromatic look. Additionally, paint technology has allowed the development of low gloss colors. With today’s product variety, your metal roofed home does not have to look like a Pizza Hut (unless that is something you’d like).
  3. Weight. Metal roofing is much lower weight than traditional shingles and most other roofing materials. It does not pose any structural challenges when installed on homes.
    Attachment. Metal roofing does not require any special procedures for attachment. It can be installed over your existing roof deck or often over your existing shingles, along with appropriate underlayment. If your home has a traditional roof material now, installing metal will not be a problem.
  4. Wind Resistance. Because of the interlocking nature of metal roof panels, they are well known for their wind resistance. Many homeowners turn to metal as the solution after having wind damage to other roofing materials.
    Home Value. In today’s age when homeowners are concerned about the values of their homes, as well as the ongoing costs to maintain their homes, they are very attracted to homes which feature durable metal roofs. This can make those homes more valuable than competing homes in the marketplace.
  5. Home Design. Metal is very flexible and there are products which can be used on low pitch roofs as well as steep roofs, and even on round, curved, and arched roofs. Additionally, things like valleys, dormers, chimneys, skylights, and wall flashings are all easily accommodated with metal roofs.
  6. HOA’s and ARB’s. Many homeowners’ associations and architectural review boards are re-writing covenants so that their property owners can enjoy the many benefits of metal roofing. If you live in an area with restrictions against metal roofs, we can help your governing body consider what types of metal roofs they see as bringing value to their community, and then assist them in writing new covenants to allow those styles of metal roofs.

If we can help you determine whether a metal roof is right for your home, please drop us a note and feel free to include photos of your roof. You can email us at or you can email direct to our president, Todd Miller, at