Lots Of Remodeling Going On Around Here

October 13, 2007 | Filed under: Miscellanous Articles,Uncategorized

2007 has seen a well-documented major downturn in the homebuilding industry. This has affected builders and associated industries including many building products manufacturers.

But we haven’t felt the downturn here at Classic Metal Roofing Systems! What’s going on?

Well, the news is starting to trickle in, even though the media doesn’t always report it. While new construction is down this year, remodeling is UP, UP, UP!

Our products here at Classic are used primarily for remodeling. And, in fact, when new construction turns down, we often see more remodeling going on. This year has been no exception.

Our metal roofing systems are great for remodeling. They go over most existing roofs, they offer a great way to increase home energy efficiency, and for homeowners who intend to stay in the house they are in, metal roofing is a great investment that frees them from future maintenance costs.

And, what’s more? With traditional shingle roofing now documented to be lasting less than 20 years on average (much less in harsh climates), homeowners who are remodeling are actively seeking longer term, more beneficial products.

So, while no one likes to see the downturn in new construction, it really doesn’t bother us here at Classic because we remain anxious and happy to serve the market we love — home remodeling!