An Easy 5 Step Plan for the Right Metal Roofing Decision

May 26, 2020 | Filed under: Buying a New Roof,Homeowner Tips,Newsletter Articles

The Right Metal Roofing Decision Classic Metal Roofing Systems

Where do you start in choosing a new roof?  We understand that it isn’t something you very often, and making a choice can be difficult. That’s why we’ve come up with a 5 step plan to help homeowners choose a metal roof that will last a lifetime so that you can feel confident in your decision and investment.

Start with identifying what you need and then determine how to meet that need best. One essential thing is to follow the right steps to a decision, rather than allowing your contractor to set those steps, which arrives at their decision, not yours. 

5 Steps to the Right Metal Roofing Decision for You and Your Home

What do you need? The first step is to set your Purchasing Criteria to determine what the “must-haves” are for your new roof. 

Choose the product. Your next step is to find the product that best meets those criteria The products manufactured by Classic Metal Roofing Systems, along with those made by our sister brands, Green American Home and Kassel & Irons, offer a wide range of choices. From traditional vertical seam to products that look like shingles, shake, tile, and slate, you can choose from top-quality coatings, metals, and colors, each with our unmatched warranty

There are other great manufacturers as well, and we suggest using the Metal Roofing Alliance as a resource for discovering the best product for you and your home from a quality manufacturer.

Ensure your choice will work for your home. After you’ve chosen a product, send photos of your home and roof to the manufacturer to make sure that their product is suitable for your home.

A common mistake we see is using good products for the wrong application. The best way to avoid that is to request the manufacturer’s input. No one will know better than they do how to use their products.

Get help with finding the right roofing contractor. Ask that manufacturer for the names of contractors with experience installing their products in your area. If they do not have anyone experienced, then talk to them about the training programs they offer for new contractors – everyone has to start somewhere. Quality manufacturers will have ways of getting new installers off on the right foot. 

Meet with the roofing contractor. Finally, meet with that contractor and, in that meeting, observe the following:

  • Do they take time to really discover the unique needs of your home, or are they taking a “one size fits all” approach?
  • Do they inspect your attic thoroughly, looking for ventilation issues or other problems that impact the health of your home?
  • Do they present you with references and tell you about the members of their team with whom you will be working?
  • Do they answer your questions and present you with a systematic process of how your roofing project will be completed?
  • Do they present financing options, if desired?
  • Do they verify the training and experience held by their installers?

The above steps will lead to choosing the best product for you and your home, and then ensure that a capable contractor is doing the work. Proper installation is critical to a successful roofing project – even more important than product quality.

We’re here to help you make the very best roofing decision for your home. For more tools to assist you in your metal roofing choices, check out our Metal Roofing Toolbox.