Never Have To Deal With A Roofer Again

July 16, 2012 | Filed under: Homeowner Tips,Newsletter Articles,Uncategorized

In our June 2012 e-newsletter, we really broke free from the construction and home maintenance arena and brought you two delicious summertime (and energy efficient!) recipes. Thank you for the favorable comments we received as a result. This month, we want to return to construction materials by talking some about how construction materials have changed over the years.

No one likes the idea of doing any sort of home maintenance and perhaps their least favorite is dealing with roofing problems and roofing contractors. It simply isn’t something that we look forward to, is it? Have you ever wondered how you, as a homeowner, can capitalize on advances in building material technology and never have to deal with a roofer again?

Bubble SkylightOver the years, we have seen the development in building materials lead in two directions. Sometimes it is toward lower cost products. Unfortunately those lower cost products also mean lower quality. One of the worst examples might be the old surface-mounted “bubble skylights” which were popular in the 1980’s until they started cracking and discoloring and failing miserably. But we have all seen this in other areas as well – products that we bought for our homes thinking we’d save some money but still have something of decent quality, only to later find out that the quality was marginal at best and that the product jeopardized the beauty, security, value, and durability of our homes.

The second, and better, way we have seen building products develop is toward products that are more attractive and add value and perhaps even energy efficiency to our homes. Think, for example, of the progression of countertops from materials like Formica to materials like Corian and now to Granite. Each change brought more visual appeal as well as greater durability and added home value. We have seen similar things happen with doors, windows, appliances, and wall coverings. The goal of these advanced products is to turn our homes into worry-free and valuable investments.

…we have seen building products develop toward products that are more attractive and add value and perhaps even energy efficiency to our homes…

Metal Shingle in Aged BronzeRoofing has also seen this progression. And, according to roofing industry studies that firmly document the growth of metal roofing’s market share, products like our metal roofing systems are the way of the future. They allow homeowners significant design choices for visual beauty, and they also offer great durability as well as energy efficiency. Homeowners are choosing metal as a way to invest permanently in their homes, taking themselves out of the recurring re-roofing cycle. And, as a bonus, they never again have to deal with a roofing contractor!

If you’re ready to take advantage of advances in building technology and consider a metal roof, please contact us, give us a call at 1-800-543-8938, or check out the benefits of metal roofing. You can also view styles of metal roofing and decide which might look best on your home!