New Website

June 13, 2009 | Filed under: Miscellanous Articles,Uncategorized

Classic Metal Roofing Systems is pleased to announce the launching of a special website designed to help homeowners either choose a metal roof or correct unfortunate problems that they may be having with a metal roof.

The new website is It includes many podcasts and blog posts by Classic President, Todd Miller. The site will be continually expanded based upon questions and feedback received by Todd.

“I already spent a lot of time helping homeowners assess metal roofing products and metal roof issues. This website is a way for me to do that and share my input with the general public as well,” says Todd. “Fact is, almost inevitably when I hear of a metal roof that a building owner is not happy with, it is related to one of two things. Either the wrong product was used for the job or the installer made a mistake. Through this website, I hope to help homeowners head off both of those possibilities.”

One unique twist Miller has put on the site is to list a number of his favorite charities that he supports. If a site visitor feels that Todd has helped them with a problem and perhaps even saved them money, they are invited to donate to one of Todd’s listed charities.

“Over the years, many homeowners who I have helped realized that I was doing so strictly to help them and help the industry. They wanted to pay me for my time. I do not feel right accepting payment for sharing information I am blessed to know so, if they want to do something, I will greatly appreciate contributions to one of the charities that is close to my heart,” says Todd.