Proven Technology Today with a Focus on Tomorrow

September 25, 2014 | Filed under: Newsletter Articles,Uncategorized

We hope that you have had a wonderful summer. As we enter a new season, we want to share some of our technological advances that continue to impact the quality and durability of our metal roofing systems. Our 35-year history allows us to produce metal roofing products with predicted reliability, but that doesn’t keep us from working into the future.

Metal Roofing: Centuries-Old, Forever New

Our flagship product, Rustic Shingle, was introduced by Kaiser Aluminum in 1959. It is perhaps the most tested and proven residential roofing system available today. Though we have enhanced the Rustic Shingle, the basic design and fastening system have not changed. The basics of quality metal roofs have changed very little over time, basics such as how the panels connect to each other and the roof deck.

Many of our advancements in metal roofing have involved the coatings used to protect and beautify the products. And over the years – we’ve made plenty of advancements!

1994: Superior Coatings for Durability

We began using coatings that are PVDF chemistry. These finishes are unmatched for fade and chalk resistance and carry long-term warranties. This technology is so superior that there are no coatings on the horizon that exceed it for durability and performance.

1996: Print Coats for Enhanced Designs

We pushed the envelope even further by introducing “print coats.” The print coats have as many as four layers of baked-on PVDF technology coatings in some cases. These unique processes allow us to create high-definition patterns like slate and weathered copper and produce shingles that are not monochromatic. We see this print coat technology as the future of residential metal roofing.

2000: ThermoBond Finish for Extra Endurance and Custom Colors

We brought our proprietary ThermoBond powder PVDF finish to market. We are the only national manufacturer of residential metal roofing offering this unique coating. Available as an option on all of our products, this textured finish is multi-hued and robust in thickness, durability, and scratch resistance. The ThermoBond option allows us to produce custom colors to meet homeowners’ exact needs.

Another First: Cool Roof Technology

We were the first residential metal roofing manufacturer to switch to “cool roof” technology utilizing unique pigments that reflect radiant heat. This allows us to produce metal shingles in dark colors that meet standards for reflective roofing. Homeowners often report energy savings of 20% and more after our products are installed.

Building on Proven Technology Today with a Focus on Tomorrow

While we are on the leading edge of metal roofing technology, everything we do is based upon the proven technology we already know. If you’re in the market for a metal roof, please call us at 1-800-543-8938 or complete our “Locate A Dealer” web form. And, of course, please consider Liking our Facebook page for daily inspirational and humorous posts.

We are always looking to the future and are dedicated to bringing customers the finest in beautiful, durable metal roofing.