Recycled Aluminum Can Be Your Next Roof

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As good stewards of the land upon which we live, we all carefully separate our recyclables and haul them to the curb each week, keeping them apart from our other trash. But we’ve also all heard stories of huge piles of recyclable materials sitting in warehouses and in junk yards without any use or purpose. Fact is, as consumers, there is very little that we can purchase which we know closes the loop on our own plastic and metal recyclables.

Close The Recycling Loop

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But a Classic Metal Roof offers you a way to close the recycling loop. The aluminum which we use to manufacture metal roofs that are installed across the world is up to 99% recycled content; the vast majority of which is post-consumer waste and primarily used beverage containers. It is very important to us that we use recycled content aluminum. Too many other roofing materials, such as wood, tile, and asphalt, go back to the earth for new raw materials each and every time they are made. This is not the case with a Classic roof. We use metal that has already served one good function and re-manufacture it into a beautiful, lasting, durable roof.

Here is more information on the Classic Metal Roof manufacturing process.

Please consider the following facts about a Classic Metal Roof made from recycled aluminum:

  • 96 Billion beverage cans are produced in North America each year
  • 58% of those cans will be recycled
  • A Classic roof utilizes 1,815 used beverage cans per 100 square feet
  • The metal we use consists of about 500,000 recycled cans each day – 100 million recycled cans per year
  • 18 out of every 10,000 recycled beverage cans is used in a Classic Metal Roof
  • Power equivalent to 1.3 billion gallons of gasoline is saved each year by recycling aluminum compared to producing virgin metal

So, keep carrying your recyclables to the curb and please consider closing the recycling loop with a beautiful Classic Metal Roof.