Residential Metal Roofing Facts From Industry Expert

May 10, 2015 | Filed under: Buying a New Roof,Uncategorized

Are you researching metal roofing for your home and finding it to be confusing? Do you have questions about metal roofs for residential use which you can’t find answers to? Are you having a tough time finding consistent answers? Do you wonder what type of metal roof would look best on your home? What would add the most value? What would be most energy efficient? What other green benefits can you expect from a quality investment-grade metal roof?

We have the answers! Our company president, Todd Miller, recently revised and re-published his very popular ebook, “How To Buy A Metal Roof.” Thousands of homeowners have downloaded and read this valuable ebook in recent years and now it is updated and even more comprehensive with the metal roofing answers and facts that you need.


“How To Buy A Metal Roof” provides the information you need to successfully buy a metal roof for your home. It covers terms you will run into and provides details on metals, coatings, and types of metal roofs. There are many metal roofs to choose from and Todd will help you determine your criteria to make the individual best choice for you and your home. The ebook even includes a check list to guide you through your own research.


“How To Buy A Metal Roof” is available for free download on Todd’s Ask The Expert website, The ebook can be downloaded free of charge here.

And, as part of the update to this book, it can now also be purchased through Amazon as a Kindle book. As an option to the free download, you can purchase it as a Kindle book here for $3.50.


Todd also welcomes your questions about metal roofing. Feel free to email him at