Why metal roofing might not be right for you. What?

April 20, 2021 | Filed under: Buying a New Roof,Financial Impact of Metal Roofing,Newsletter Articles


Don’t we sell metal roofing?

Why would we discourage you from considering our products for your house, barn, or building? The answer is simple:

We believe our premium metal roofs provides a durable, permanent, beautiful, and energy-efficient solution for any home. BUT, not every homeowner and not every home is right for metal roofing.

This can be for many reasons like cost, outdated views, unfamiliarity with available products, or something else entirely. While metal roofing can excel in most situations, not every home is right for it. Let us explain.

  • Maybe you plan to stay in your current home for only a few years. Metal roofing might not make sense for you in terms of cost if you plan to leave in the next 10 or 15 years. The typical asphalt roof lasts around 12-15 years, so you might be gone before you ever need to replace your roof. This negates one of the strengths of metal: the much longer lifespan. With one of our metal roofs, you can skip one or even two re-roofing cycles, potentially saving yourself thousands of dollars. If you don’t plan to stick around, you won’t see the same level of savings.
  • You might be satisfied with your current energy bills. Maybe you don’t pay much per billing cycle, or perhaps you don’t use much energy. But your attic might get too hot, or even your second floor. Some rooms might be unbearable without the air conditioning cranked in the summer.With one of our metal roofs, you can save up to 20% on the energy bills you were once happy with. You might even be able to turn off that AC and still use the second floor (we’ve had customers tell us exactly this before).
  • Your home has a wood shake roof, tile, or slate, so replacing it with metal wouldn’t look right. Right? Nope.We offer metal roofing in shake, slate, and tile varieties. Well, that’s great, but do they look like shake, slate, and even tile? Yes, they do, and better yet, they all offer the benefits of metal roofing with the appearance of your preferred roofing material. This is achieved through specialized stamping to create realistic wood grain or the texture of concrete tile, and even the dignified look of slate. We can even match asphalt roofing if you prefer that instead.
  • Metal roofs don’t look right on a house. Don’t barns usually have metal roofs? How would tin roofing look good on a house?
  • These are all thoughts many people have about metal when they first hear about residential applications. And who can blame them? Metal roofs are common on barns all across the country.The truth is, metal roofing has been used on homes for hundreds of years, from Monticello to the White House and many homes since then. Tin was a common material hundreds of years ago, but most metal roofing today is made from steel or aluminum and coated with zinc to protect from rust. These materials are much more durable and rust-resistant, with huge advancements in the paints and coatings on metal roofing used today.

So, as you can see, metal roofing isn’t for everyone. Some people plan to move in the next few years, don’t mind paying full price for the AC, are satisfied with other roofing materials’ downsides, or haven’t seen metal roofing on a home yet.

We readily accept that our roofing products might not be for you, but take a minute and consider if improved protection against fire, wind, and extreme weather, increased energy efficiency, and a lifespan of decades means something to you.

Connect with us today to see if metal roofing is (or isn’t) right for you. We’re always ready to help you find your best roofing solution.