Roofing Underlayments and Metal Roofs

June 24, 2016 | Filed under: Buying a New Roof,Uncategorized

Should roof underlayments be used beneath a metal roof? At Classic Metal Roofing Systems, we distribute the RoofAquaGuard family of roofing underlayments.

An Overview of Our Roofing Underlayments

roofing underlayment from RoodAuqaGuard RoofAquaGuard UDLX is a synthetic underlayment with a smooth but slip-resistant top surface. It is suitable for installation beneath virtually all roofing material types. It is well known for its strength as well as for its low weight and installation ease.

RoofAquaGuard ECO is also a synthetic underlayment but it is a lower weight, more economical product intended largely for asphalt shingle roof installations.

RoofAquaGuard MT is a self-adhering ice and watershield underlayment developed for use beneath most roofing materials.  It should be used where required by code, or wherever a more durable underlayment is desired for any purpose.  The MT product has a slip-resistant but non-granulated top surface that will be gentle on the back of metal roofing panels.

RoofAquaGuard DRY-TECH is designed to make buildings more energy efficient and healthier. Installed beneath wood shakes, zinc roofs, other metal roofs, and other products, Dry-Tech creates a rigid crush-resistant air space between the roofing product and the roof deck. This air space can allow for drainage and condensation control.

While we have approved of the RoofAquaGuard family of underlayments for use beneath our metal roofing systems, other underlayment brands will work well, too.

5 Reasons to Use Roofing Underlayments

  1. We interpret the International Building Code as requiring them not even for new construction roofs, but for roofs installed over old shingles.
  2. Underlayments help provide a solid working surface for roof installers.
  3. Underlayments protect the structure from water infiltration during the roofing project.
  4. Underlayments  provide extra protection and integrity for the entire roofing system.
  5. Underlayments can play a role in energy efficiency.

You can learn more about our Roof Aqua Guard underlayment products, here. We hope this information helps you in your research, and search for the right roofing decision.