The best standing seam underlayment for your new roof

April 1, 2022 | Filed under: Buying a New Roof,Consumer Education,Research,Standing Seam


We understand how confusing roofing can be for homeowners. There are lots of new terms and components to understand, including underlayment. Since it isn’t something you do every day, learning that your new roof is a system of components working together for performance can be disconcerting.

What the heck is standing seam underlayment, and why do I need it?

Our Universal and ClickLock standing seam styles are popular choices for homeowners and design and construction professionals.

Underlayment is placed between the roof deck and the roofing product at the time of installation.

Building science proves the value of proper ventilation for moisture control and creating healthier, mold-resistant homes. Standing seam roofs inherently pass gained heat through to the roof deck and structure. 

A proper underlayment system is needed to address these important issues.

What is the best solution for your new roof?

We’ve got you covered with an exclusive solution ideal for standing seam roofing. RoofAquaGuard is another Isaiah Industries company dedicated to protective roofing products. Here’s our recommendation for an underlayment system for your new roof:

We combine Vent3® with RoofAquaGuard’s Dry-Tech entangled mesh underlayment creating  a breathable roof system with a thermal break to:

  • improve ventilation
  • reduce heat gain 
  • prevent condensation
  • control moisture
  • minimize ice dams 
  • reduce energy consumption

Quality underlayment is a part of every successful metal roofing installation. Don’t skip this critical contribution to your new roof’s performance. When talking with your professional roofing contractor, ask about using this innovative solution for a healthy, breathable home.

And of course, you can always contact us directly for more information.