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We just wanted to share the following unsolicited homeowners testimonial we received today!

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing to tell how pleased we are with our new Rustic Shingle metal roofs that were installed by you company in March of this year. The finished product is better than we expected. It is a very unique looking roof. Many people have stopped and commented how nice the roof looks. Most think its slate or tile and don’t believe it when we tell them it is aluminum. Folks are really impressed when I show them how the panels interlock and how they are fastened down. They are also impressed with the fact that now old material went to the landfill and that the new shingles are 95% recycled aluminum. The 120 mph wind rating also impresses people, especially with all the wind damage in our area the last 10 years.

Some frown when we tell them the cost, the favorite comment, “I can buy a lot of shingles for that money”. But we like to tell them it’s an investment that we made for the last time. For less money than a new Suburban would have cost us, we re-roofed 2, yes 2, buildings. Better yet, our roofs have a lifetime warranty, use no gas, don’t need oil changes, tires, etc., and we will never have to replace it again, unlike a Suburban.

We were very pleased with the efficiency and quality of the work of our installation crew. They were very knowledgeable of their work and how to install the product. As you know, on the house the gables were finished with a scalloped edge, every end looks as if it were machine, not hand fitted. Craftsmanship hasn’t died!!!! They were glad when they got to the garage as that has the straight gable and ridge finish. This is a good place for those of you looking for this type of roofing to see both styles of gable and edge finishing techniques in one place.

In closing, the only regret we have is that we didn’t know about Classic Metal Roofing Systems 13 years ago when we installed our LAST asphalt shingle roof!

Satisfied Wisconsin Homeowners
Received 6/12/08

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