The Value of Metal

January 10, 2008 | Filed under: Miscellanous Articles,Uncategorized

Metal roofing has been in the news a great deal in recent months. And it’s not necessarily for a “good” reason but certainly a noteworthy reason and something to consider. Metal roofing has been in the news because, particularly on older “public” buildings such as churches, often in very metropolitan areas, it is showing up missing. Almost invariably this problem is affecting various “exotic” and “natural” metals such as copper and stainless steel. Why is it showing up missing? Because it is being stolen for its high scrap value.

While that certainly is not a good thing, it is noteworthy. What other individual product can you buy for your home that has lasting, ongoing value? Basically every other building material you put on your home becomes a liability the moment it is installed rather than an asset. Why? Because someday it will have to be removed, replaced, and disposed of in a landfill.

The scrap value of metal roofing, however, makes it an ongoing asset. While we design Classic Metal Roofing Systems for incredible longevity, even if one should be replaced some day, it is an asset rather than a liability. Because it can be sold for its significant scrap value.

There is a good chance in fact that, if a Classic roof is replaced in 60+ years, it might have greater scrap value at that time than what its original cost was, due to inflation.

Something to think about. What will you invest in for your next roof … a true asset … or a liability?