Thinking About A New Roof?

September 21, 2010 | Filed under: Miscellanous Articles,Uncategorized

Anyone who has ever owned a home or commercial building knows that one of the most vulnerable spots of a building is its roofing system. The roof of any building provides its first line and ultimate defense against the elements. It protects against rain, snow, ice, sun, and wind. A secure and high integrity roof system protects the other elements of a building’s construction, ensuring their long term life and functionality. Once a roof starts to break down though, due to age, damage, or poor workmanship, the entire structure can be jeopardized. And, unfortunately, once moisture enters a structure, there is a high chance of mold and other issues being not far behind.

Additionally, in recent years, there has been increased focus on how a good and well designed roofing system can help to keep a building cooler during summer months. Keeping a building naturally cooler means lower cooling costs and lower energy use. In fact, our nation’s secretary of energy has recommended the use of “cool” roofing systems. Additionally, there is a federal tax credit encouraging the use of certain cool roof technologies and there may be state and utility company incentives as well.

While a roof provides protection and can provide energy efficiency, it also provides a large area for gathering the sun’s energy. Many quality roof systems today allow for the easy installation of photovoltaic panels for solar collection and, in some cases, the roofs have integrated solar collection as part of the roof system itself.

One type of roofing that has gained market share in recent years because of its ability to provide protection and energy savings is metal roofing. In fact, industry studies show that metal’s share of the roofing market has gone from 2% to 10% in the past ten years. This is huge growth and, because most of these products are domestically produced of US materials, it is positive for our nation’s economy as well.

Metal roofing systems are known for their resistance to the types of degradation that attack most other roofing materials. Whereas other materials begin to break down from the moment of installation and start a process of becoming brittle or soft 0r cracked or curled, metal maintains long life and beauty. This provides protection against things like curled edges, loose panels, brittle areas, and wind damage. Protection against these things results in a roof system that lasts and maintains a “new” look. The paint systems used on today’s quality metal roofs also resist fade and chalk and are more resistant to streaking and staining from roof algae than are other roofing materials.

Additionally, many metal roofs have reflective or “cool” coatings that stay naturally cooler even in hot weather, reflecting the sun’s rays and keeping them out of the attic and living space. Metal roof systems also work well with various ventilation products, further enhancing energy efficiency. And, for remodeling projects, the low weight and interlocking panels of most metal roofs encourage installation over existing roofs.

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