Toyota Prius or a Classic Roof?

September 7, 2007 | Filed under: Miscellanous Articles,Uncategorized

Did the headline of this post grab your attention?

One of our top independent dealers told me that, in recent months, many of his Classic Metal Roof customers have owned a Toyota Prius. So many that it seems far more than coincidental.

Clearly it indicates a growing number of consumers out there who are interested in making the environmentally-friendly choice in all of their major purchases, whether it is for a roof, a car, or something else. They want to make the “greenest” choice possible.

I applaud them for that!

But it got us to thinking … if you can’t buy both a Prius and a Classic Metal Roof, which would be the better investment? I think that is a great question!

The metal roof will be far more durable and lasting, bringing you energy savings and other benefits for many more years than a person will typically own a car. That is sustainability.

Our aluminum roofs have 95% recycled content. You can’t find that in any car.

And, just for one more thing, a metal roof may save you on insurance costs. You won’t get around insurance with a new car!

I hope that you can afford the Prius and the Classic Metal Roof. But, if not, it very well may boil down to the roof being the better choice.

Determine your criteria and goals. Make decisions carefully.

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Todd Miller, President