Who’ll keep a roof over your head, Donald Trump or Joe Biden?

October 14, 2020 | Filed under: Newsletter Articles

Roofing Decisions 2020

As America moves towards the 2020 presidential election, here’s our input on the candidates- their roofs, not their politics.

While we can’t claim to be an authority in the political arena, we do know roofing. And all four politicians on the Democratic and Republican tickets still sleep under roofs (as far as we know).

But before we get into roofing and the candidates, our President, Todd Miller, is running an online poll asking whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden is more likely to help Americans get or keep a roof over their heads for the next four years. Vote today!

Now, on to America’s roofs.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both have asphalt shingles on their houses. Like most Americans, Biden’s roof is probably old and starting to crack, curl, and lose shingles. Kamala’s is undoubtedly not much better. Asphalt is a traditional roofing material but leaves room for improvement.

Trump, the wealthiest candidate with a penchant for “the best,” has the White House protected by robust American-made metal roofing. Although, Trump’s other mansions (like Mar-A-Lago) feature tile roofs, which notoriously crack under pressure.

Many presidential candidates with reliable American-made metal roofs have excelled in their campaigns. One example is Thomas Jefferson, who spent 40 years designing and building his gorgeous hilltop home, Monticello, with a show-stopping, one-of-a-kind metal roof.

The worst roof belongs to Mike Pence because he doesn’t own a home–or a roof right now. He and the Second Lady live at Number One Observatory Circle, where the Vice President has lived for the past 40 years. This house is topped by a slate and copper roof, which perfectly fits the rock-solid, unassuming office. We’ll see, but If the Republican ticket isn’t re-elected, Pence’s future roof may be a refrigerator box.

In our expert opinion, every candidate could benefit from a metal roof, an attractive long-term solution for any home. Metal roofing is on the rise recently, second only to asphalt in the new home construction market.

As you contemplate which candidate will help you get or keep a roof over your head for the next four years, weigh-in and cast your vote!

Make sure to vote on November 3rd. Check your state’s website for instructions on your polling place or how to turn your ballot in. For Ohio, visit this site to find your polling place or for more information.