Independent Dealer Spotlight

Schroer & Sons Metal Roofing: Dayton, Columbus, West-Central Ohio

August 3, 2022

As a professional metal roofing contractor, Schroer & Sons has helped hundreds of homeowners in west-central Ohio find the best roofing solution for their homes and future.  Since 2009, Ryan Schoer and his exceptional team have served Ohio homeowners with top-quality metal roofing, quality installation, and the best warranties in the business. Why Metal Roofing… read more

Guardian Metal Roofing: Seattle and the Pacific Northwest

December 16, 2021

guardian roofing logo

Matt and Lori Swanson are well-versed in the challenges metal roofing faces in the Pacific Northwest. Guardian Home is a local, family-owned business proudly serving the Seattle area for 16 years now.  “We have a great understanding of a roof system in the Pacific Northwest. We know the challenges it brings, like frequent rain, moss… read more

Metal Roofing for North Texas from C.W. Roofing & Construction

November 13, 2018

C.W. Roofing and Construction

Full of energy and a determination to deliver the highest quality products and services in roofing and construction, if you live in the Dallas/Forth Worth metro area, Chuck and Ben from Wise County are your metal roofing professionals! C.W. Roofing & Construction is ready in Texas to help you find the very best roofing solution… read more

Metal Roofing for Western Washington

July 16, 2018

Four Seasons Metal Roofing Seattle

Travis Hendrickson and his team at Four Seasons Roofing have been thoughtfully and carefully serving homeowners in western Washington since 1996. More than a roofing contractor, this unique group of craftspeople and specialists can handle difficult projects and restoration initiatives with the ease of experience. Homeowners receive expert installation of simple or complex Classic Metal… read more

Pittsburgh Metal Roofing from Legacy Remodelers

April 30, 2018

legacy remodeling logo

In Pittsburgh, metal roofing makes good sense for homeowners. The area’s unique terrain, crazy weather, and eclectic neighborhoods make it a very interesting and fun place to live. Those three things also work together to present challenges to protecting Pittsburgh homes and keeping them beautiful. Fortunately, Legacy Remodelers serves the residents of western Pennsylvania with… read more

McCarthy Metal Roofing Systems for a Classic Roof in North Carolina

July 31, 2017

McCarthy Metal Roofing

Tim McCarthy and his team of professionals specialize in metal roofing in North Carolina. Metal is what they do…and they do it very well.  Based in Raleigh, this local Independent Dealer of Classic Metal Roofing Systems is one of our very best partners. Why Metal Roofing for North Carolina? The variant geography and climates found… read more