Rustic Shingle Celebrates 60th Birthday

family looking at their new Rustic Shingle Roof

A Mid-Century Modern Metal Roof Comes of Age

Okay, it’s not common to celebrate a roofing product’s birthday, but that won’t stop us from making a big deal about our Rustic Shingle. Developed by Kaiser Aluminum in 1959, it’s time to bake a cake, add the sprinkles and get this party started.

Do you want to find out what all the fuss is about or join the party?

Let’s invite the Architects, the Contractors, and other building professionals.

man using rustic shingle for sidingWhat’s old is new again. Rustic is now a mid-century modern product, with a style that’s endured for 60 years. Woody station wagons, starburst clocks, and record players all disappeared for a few decades, then came back into style as cultural icons. Rustic aluminum shingles hung around and are still cool, today; both in style and function.

  • Combines new (PVDF) and enduring technologies for the very best of both. You don’t have to settle for a “just enough to get by” roofing solution.
  • Design and build your structures with materials that are proven to last.
  • Align your company and reputation with a product that continues to pass the test of time.

Inviting other Makers to the party: Business and Manufacturing

contractor installing rustic shingle in 1966Kaiser Aluminum was a household name when Rustic Shingle was designed and developed in 1959. Proving the resiliency of manufacturing equipment, this product is still made on the original equipment.

With Rustic’s 60th birthday, we’re celebrating American Manufacturing, American Small Business, and Made in America.

  • Isaiah Industries resists the trend toward overseas production or production from offshore raw materials. Rustic Shingle is a hardline product, manufactured in the USA.
  • Let’s all celebrate the trend of making old products new again, and the fact that Americans design and build products to last.

Celebrate and Repeat

Sustainability is important to all of us. Manufactured with quality, up to 99% recycled aluminum, the majority of which is post-consumer, and 100% recyclable after a long, warranted life, Rustic Shingle is a retro product that is literally made new again, and again.