All Star Roof Systems Serves Houston Homeowners

January 30, 2017 | Filed under: Independent Dealer Spotlight

All Star Roof Systems has been serving the Houston, TX area since 1965, Ron Chappelow, Joel Chesney, and their team have been putting Classic Metal Roofing Systems on homes of all sizes and shapes with integrity, purpose, and skill. They are experts at dealing with insurance companies; a necessity with the area’s volatile weather.

Why Metal Roofing for Houston?

Joel Chesney and Ron Chappelow

Joel Chesney and Ron Chappelow
of All Star Roof Systems, Inc.

Here are 3 great reasons for choosing metal roofing from Classic Metal Roofing systems for your Houston home or commercial property:

  1. Hurricanes
  2. Hail
  3. Heat

Metal roofing stands up to severe weather like no other material. Unlike composition and other non-permanent roofing products, metal retains its strength and its storm resistance. A 30-year-old metal roof is capable of sustaining the same winds as a brand new metal roof. The reflective properties of our roofing products combined with expert ventilation and installation help reduce the load on air-conditioning units…saving energy and money. And that’s saying a lot. Our roofing systems are warranted, for a lifetime of savings.

Why All Star Roof Systems, Inc.?

Read through their testimonials, and you will quickly see why All Star Roof Systems Inc. is so successful:

“…very accommodating, courteous and efficient. They diligently and professionally worked with my insurance company after the hurricane, leaving me with no worries….”

Ms. Stork

“All Star Roof Systems should be your first and second estimates; go no further. We have had the pleasure of dealing with them since 1991…Do yourself a favor and get a treat instead of a treatment.”
Mr. Lindermann

“I really appreciate the roof and am still pleased with it. The roof has decreased my a/c bill by 30%…”
Ms. Farmer

With a commitment to certified installers, experienced team members, great customer satisfaction and warranted workmanship, the All Star Roofing Systems organization is one of the very best in the country. We’re proud of our association and partnership with them to deliver Classic Metal Roofing products to Houston home and commercial property owners.