What Do You Love Most About Your Home?

February 15, 2014 | Filed under: Newsletter Articles,Uncategorized

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Dear Friends,

February is the month of love. Even though we’re in the construction industry, we at Classic Metal Roofing are wondering one thing this month: What do you love about your home? We all transform our homes into personal sanctuaries … places where we find comfort, security, safety, and the love of our families. But what is the one thing that you love most about your home?

Is it that ancient oak tree in the back yard?

That comfortable window seat in the upstairs bedroom?

The cove molding and other original woodwork in your dining room?

That unique cut glass window over the stair landing?

Or maybe the thing you love the most is the collection of memories you have built in your home.

We would very much enjoy hearing what you love most about your home. Please go to our FaceBook page and post your own comment starting with “What I love most about my home is …”

Now, you may suspect that we at Classic Metal Roof Systems have our own take on this question … and we do! When homeowners who have purchased a Classic Metal Roof from us register their warranties, we ask them what they like most about their home. Despite the energy savings, wind resistance, recycled content, and sustainability, the vast majority of our customers’ responses tell us that, above all, what they love most about their new Classic Metal Roof is its … BEAUTY!

Yes, despite all of the other product benefits, what our customers love most is the way their roof looks and the way it enhances their home. We care about how things look. Our various product photo galleries are always among the most popular areas of our website. Aesthetics touch something special in all of us. How something looks allows us to capture emotions and dreams.

Again, we want to know what you love most about your home! Please stop by our Facebook page and let us know. We want to hear from you!

And, if a new roof might be in your future in 2014, please let us know. Perhaps, this time next year, what you will love most about your home will be the beautiful new Classic roof.