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A Classic Metal Roof saves on Energy Bills

August 27, 2007 | Filed under: Miscellanous Articles,Uncategorized

Global warming. Knowing your “Carbon footprint.” “Limited natural resources.” Higher fuel costs. Higher energy bills. Global environmental impact trickles down to local and individual environmental impact. That is, the more resources we consume together, the more it costs us individually. It seems like we are at a critical point where we need to focus our… read more

Do it once, Do it right

August 26, 2007 | Filed under: Miscellanous Articles,Uncategorized

I have over 25 years of experience now in the residential metal roofing business. It is hard to believe but it is true. As a result of my experience, many homeowners contact me each week asking me to help them sort out their roofing situations. Many of these cases are very sad stories of folks… read more

Pigments, Resins and Carriers Part III

August 17, 2007 | Filed under: Miscellanous Articles,Uncategorized

Carrier – This is the part of a paint system that you never see! The carrier gives proper fluidity, assists with adhesion to the substrate, and adjusts the speed of evaporation / drying. When the metals used for roofing are painted, the carrier disappears during the heat curing, or “baking,” process. Summary In many cases,… read more

Pigments, Resins and Carriers Part II

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In developing a paint system the appropriate pigments are suspended in a material called a Binder or Resin. Resin binds the pigment particles and forms the smooth and adherent surface that we expect. There are many types of chemistry suitable to prepare paint but only a few can withstand the rigors of roof exposure and… read more

Pigments, Resins and Carriers Part 1

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A critical part of any metal roofing system is its finish. While some exotic metals such as copper zinc, stainless steel, and titanium are often sold with a natural or “mill” finish, most metals are sold with a paint finish which provides protection, reduces your energy costs and preserves the aesthetic beauty of the roof… read more

The Classic Touch

August 16, 2007 | Filed under: Miscellanous Articles,Uncategorized

With unparalleled customer service and the highest quality metal roofing products on the market, Classic Metal Roofing Systems takes industry to new heights For more than 25 years, Classic Metal Roofing Systems has led the industry with aluminum metal roofing that is technologically innovative, durable, beautiful and lasts a lifetime. Founded in 1980 with the… read more